Tidewater Sandals Navy Nantucket Flip Flops

Tidewater Sandals Navy Nantucket Flip Flops

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Navy Nantucket Style is a navy blue fabric topped with a navy blue twisted thread that paired in three and braided together.  The footbed is tan.   These flip flops have an added 1/8 inch layer of plastic on the bottom for added support.

Say hello to your new (and last) favorite flip flop, or sandal, thong, flippers, slides, slippers – whatever you call them - Casual. Comfortable. Everyday. They’re Tidewaters.

Tidewater's ComfortWave Technology provides: 

• Perfect for anyone with flat feet or high arches. 

• Flexible, contoured arch support for added balance and soft cushioning for all-day walking adventures. 

• Brushed sock for the sole of your feet because it needs love, too (not mention that it’s kind of an important part of your foot). 

• Extra support in the toe and heel for stability • Premium EVA footbed materials.


If you are a half size or have wide feet we recommend sizing up. For example, if you are a size 7.5, try our size 8. If you are a 7, stick with our size 7.