10 Main Street,  Wickford, RI 02852




10 Main Street, Wickford, RI 02852


French Butter Crocks

This crock will keep butter fresh and soft without refrigeration.  The crock was designed in France before there was refrigeration.  It is the oxygen in the air that makes butter rancid.  First pack your softened butter into the lid.  Then put some water (we recommend filtered) into the bottom section.  Place the butter packed lid into the water filled base and be careful for water overflow.  Make sure that there is water touching the butter.  This will create an airtight seal and keep the butter fresh.  Be sure to change the water in the bottom every 4-6 days. You can leave the crock on the counter or table.  Serve the butter directly from the lid.  Now you can enjoy butter that is always soft and spreadable.